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Invasive Lionfish in the western Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico is a recent revelation that is threatening native fish populations in a big way!   While beautiful in aquariums and in their regions of origin, the Indo Pacific Lionfish are proving to be a serious problem for the fish populations in these invaded areas. Several organizations are hard at work researching this infestation and are taking steps towards a solution,  or at least to try and control it somewhat. We became interested in this cause a few years ago while looking for places to go scuba diving in Panama. Locals were using heavy fibreglass spears that were rather expensive to buy, so ... we got involved!


And now with growing awareness and ongoing research, some interesting solutions to the problem have come to light!   "Spear Lionfish and eat them"   is now a common phrase!  Consumption of this tasty fish has increased in popularity as fishermen, recreational divers and recreational snorkelers target them as a viable food source.  Anyone can help towards controlling this problem species by asking for lionfish at markets and restaurants!  Today there are efforts being made to design commercial traps for them which will provide income for fishermen and their families some day!  Meanwhile we wanted to become involved ourselves ... so we came up with a better,  lightweight and faster lionfish specific pole spear!


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All in a day's work!


       THIS IS what we came up with!

  'Lionator' Pole Spears!

The original 'Lionator' is a light weight travel size pole spear designed specifically for the invasive red lionfish in the Caribbean region.  It's stainless steel paralyzer tip will not let the fish slide up the shaft towards your hand and the barbs will keep it locked on!

And now we offer the 'Lionator Pro Version' for the  hunters who like a little more reach as they cull lionfish!                                             

The 'Lionator Pro Version' is a little longer and it has our new heavy duty 9.5" long  3 or 4 tine barbed paralyzer tip that resists damage if you happen to strike a rock. It also has a slightly longer sling and the same grip that everyone likes!

   Note:  (we can make these for you in any length  depending on the fisheries regulations in your area)




"Well balanced, strikes hard, does the deed! Getting great reviews!"                                                           

Allie Johnstone / snorkel tour guide, kayaking instructor in Caye Caulker, Belize


"Great invention! Keep up the good work in helping us protect our reef!"                                                   

Charlie Jones / owner at RaggaMuffin Tours Caye Caulker, Belize


"It's always a thrill to go underwater for a lionfish cull. The excitement of the hunt combined with the satisfaction of doing something good for the environment ... and with such a practical and versatile tool like the Lionator ... you really can't miss!!!"             

Davide Grazi/ Expeditions Manager,  Blue Ventures Expeditions


"You have tried the rest and now you owe it to yourself to try the best!  The Lionator pole spears are here!"

Aruba Lionfish Initiative  (A.L.F.I)


"Just received the donation for our Roatan tournament and all I can say is WOW! Best pole spear I've ever laid hands on. I will need to order one for myself!  Keep up the good work!"

Buck Beasley / Lone Star House,  Roatan, Honduras     Diving and sport fishing charters, BnB





ALFI Aruba

ALFI Aruba


The original travel size pole spear now comes with our 9.5" stainless steel barbed paralyzer tip and is 32"/ 81cc long overall. Several are being tested in Belize, Honduras, Panama, Aruba, the Grenadines and the United States  (Florida and South Carolina)  including the US Virgin Islands.

The marine grade aluminum shaft is carefully tooled, nicely polished and coated, compact and strong!

It's 6mm threads are the industry standard so other tips will attach easily and the shaft itself is just 22.5" (57cm) long with the tip removed so postage rates are minimized and it will fit easily in medium sized luggage or your day pack.



Our original travel sized lionfish pole spear! (complete and ready to use)    $40 USD each


Pro Version

This version has a longer 29.5" (75cc) aluminum shaft and is  38.5"  (98cc) overall with the tip,  a longer sling, and it comes with a very strong  9.5" stainless steel barbed paralyzer tip.  It also features the grip that everyone likes.  The exciting news is that the stainless steel paralyzer tips we make are available in either 3 or 4 tines now.  Same price but please check with fisheries authorities in your area to make sure they are compliant.

$40 USD each  (complete and ready to use)

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3 or 4 tine barbed stainless steel paralyzer tips! These custom made tips are included with both the Travel Size and Pro Version spears now! State your preference please (3 or 4 prong)  . . these are 9.5" long and have the standard 6mm female thread)    $20.00 USD each

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PROTECTIVE CAPS .. protective caps for paralyzer tips. (high vis orange) $2.00 USD each
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FIN SNIPS .. black stainless steel. $5.00 USD each
Replacement slings in various colors  $5.00 USD each    ( darker colors resist UV damage better . please specify your preference in comments)

Replacement slings in various colors  $5.00 USD each

( darker colors resist UV damage better . please specify your preference in comments)

Lionator T-Shirt $25.00 USD each. (specify size in comments box please)

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